Hi, I'm Dylan.

Well, actually, thats my dog, Jürgen, but this is my page.

While you're here, have a look at some of the projects that I completed as a student at UCCS!

Computer Science Projects

SQL Injection Research

The final writeup for the CS 4910 Cybersecurity research project

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Satellite Hacking Essay

The final report for CS 4950 Cyber Security & Homeland Security

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Cloud Storage Cryptosystem

The final writeup for the CS 4920 Applied Cryptography project

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Dataset Vizualization

The final project for CS 4420 Database Systems

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Innovation Projects

*A note about Innovation Team classes (3010 and 4010):
UCCS Bachelor of Innovation students form a small team and act as "innovation consultants" for an assigned small business/startup client.

Sports VTS

The final writeup for my INOV 3010 Innovation Team: Research and Execute client Sports VTS

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Cooking With Pappy

The final writeup for my INOV 4010 Innovation Team: Design and Lead client Cooking With Pappy

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American Humane Society
(Grant Proposal)

The contents of the final grant proposal for INOV 2100 Technical Writing, Proposals, and Presentations

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